Meet our P.U.R.E. Officers 

President: Noel 

Since his youth Noel has had innate abilities in negotiation and craftsmanship. Within the motorcycling industry he has demonstrated his ability to quickly and decisively manage and shine with his leadership skills.  He is a loyal friend and family man.  Being a motor vehicle aficionado has made him a non-stop adrenaline seeker.

Treasurer: Gerson (Juizeman)

From the moment you meet Gerson it is evident that there is more to him that meets the eyes. His love of God and people enable him to be a friend like no other. His persistence is a motivator to our clubs continued efforts in being DIF'R3NT for the sport and society.

Vice President: Jesus (Chuito)

His likable personality and ability to capture your attention make Jesus the ideal Vice President. His desire to make people laugh and his love for riding and water sports make him the adrenaline junkies best friend. It's never surprising to hear him guide others with his vast handyman knowledge and love of motor sports.

Sargeant in Arms: Jorge
Jorge is a hard working man who has accomplished many things without the help of many. His unwavering loyalty towards his friends and family are to be envied. Like many in our club he has learned to give people the benefit of the doubt and to always consider the overall effect he has on society.

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